Acquired immune deficiency in people who received the COVID injections?

published Oct 16, 2021, last modified Feb 10, 2022

If you have been jabbed, get yourself an immune function blood panel.

The following picture (click to enlarge) shows two blood panels (of unknown origin, claimed to be from a patient experiencing "vaccine" side effects).  The second blood panel, taken months after the first one, conclusively indicates a severe immune deficiency that would ordinarily be caused by either HIV (perhaps full-blown AIDS), or congenital immune defects, or immunosuppresive therapy, or chemo/radiotherapy, or lymphoma.

Without a working immune system, you die — exactly like AIDS sufferers die.

We do not know at this point whether this happens to all of the people who took the experimental injections, or to a majority, or even to which minority of the public it happens to.  But a blood panel — specifically an immune blood panel — a few weeks and a few months after getting injected is a good idea.

Edited to add:

It appears to be that The Exposé has written about acquired immune deficiency here.  A chart from the article:

Find a downloaded copy of the article here.