RevvedUp 1.4 is out

published Feb 16, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013

The hugely popular RevvedUp theme for WordPress (which has seen over 7500 home page visits and 2000 downloads in less than a month) has a new, and really great, release now. Here's the scoop:

  • It now fully incorporates the WordPress theme toolkit into the package; thus, ad display code and other options are now completely configurable via the theme options page on the WordPress administrative interface
  • Personalizable via WordPress administrative interface: you can put your own badges and affiliations under the About this site heading, shown in the sidebar
  • Centralized ad code handling in simple functions included in a file ads.php in the package — you do not need to edit this file, thanks to the theme toolkit
  • Now supports multi-category link lists (multiple blogrolls)
  • A shortcut icon mistake got fixed
  • The home page title was stylized
  • Comment styles (boxes) do not get inherited by lists in comments
  • The templates have been cleaned up for consistency
  • The favicon was enriched with two embedded icons, and its location is now being provided as a LINK REL on the template
  • Reverted to using tables for the sidebar's layout because IE suffers from semantic indigestion
  • A few consistency mixups were straightened out

The shortcut icon now works for every WordPress-generated page, but it only is shown properly in other static pages on blogs where WordPress is anchored to the root of the Web server, because of an .htaccess limitation.

Go get it today!