Criminal ignorance does kill people

published Sep 21, 2007, last modified Dec 28, 2021

Despite what Sherri What'sherface thinks, being ignorant can -- and will -- kill you. Look at these lunatic conspiracy theorists whining about HIV:

This is, in essence, what these quasi-criminals are saying:

  • HIV tests are crap.
  • Even if you have HIV, that doesn't mean you'll get aids.

Fact: If both (ELISA and Western Blot) tests are positive, you are almost certain to have HIV.

Fact: 99% of HIV positives will progress to AIDS and die. The rest die in car crashes and other types of accidents.

The worst part is the jingoism present in the YouTube comment section for that video. Everyone's like "yeah, let's get big guvmnt and big pharma and start spreading the word".

It almos makes me wish they all got HIV so they'd die "a little bit" earlier. It'd also be nice if they didn't get their kids on the MMR vaccine as well.