Burnin' R and RevvedUp themes now on 1.5.0

published Apr 03, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Guess what? I've got news for you WordPress theme freaks! The dramatically-improved RevvedUp and Burnin' R themes for WordPress, version 1.5.0 is now available for download. They both preserve their aesthetics, but they have taken a big, big step forward in configurability and user-friendliness, with Widgets!

Okay, among the many changes, we can count the following:

  • All sidebar tiles have been 'widgetized' for usage with the latest and (in my opinion, greatest - evar) plugin for WordPress: Widgets! For you, this means that every single tile can be relocated via the Presentation tab of the WordPress administrative interface, no coding needed. Of course, you need to have the Widgets plugin installed for this (by the way, the latest edition of Supercharged WordPress comes with Widgets preinstalled). By the way, the Widgets plugin is not a requirement for this theme: you can just roll with this update even if you can't or won't install the Widgets plugin.
  • Slots for sidebar ads have been removed now. Why? Because the Widgets plugin and its generic text slots fill the need pretty well. If you're going to upgrade to this version of the theme, I suggest that you back up the sidebar and referral ad code (if you have set any) before upgrading.

So, whatcha waiting for? To buy the Burnin' R theme (it's just ten bucks, dude), visit its download page. If you prefer to download a completely Free (as in Freedom) theme, RevvedUp is also there.