Bug in AutoMeta plugin for WordPress

published Feb 17, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Automatic Meta & Technorati Tags for Wordpress - boakes.org is a very useful plugin that does automatic Technorati and HTML META KEYWORDS tags. But there's a bug in the plugin.

Basically, AutoMeta insists on applying Technorati and META tags in the front page, in archive pages and in other assorted pages. It should actually be doing it only for posts and pages.

Another bug: the DIV tag where the Technorati tags are included is shown in the footer of the page, which I consider less-than-optimal placement.

Plus, the Technorati tags come styled as visibility: hidden;. I'd place them visibly on an inline-styled list right after the categories slug on each post. I would also use display: none; instead of using visibility: hidden; because visibility: hidden; generates a box which takes up white space on the page.

For the moment, my RevvedUp theme "solves" this problem by setting display:none; manually on the stylesheet plugin overrides section. But it doesn't solve the problem of the tags showing in the worst location on the page, SEO-wise.

Finally, a wishlist item: I wish AutoMeta would also make Technorati tags from post categories, right along the keywords.

Let's hope the author reads this and fixes the bug.