The hotlinking saga: a thief responds

published Jan 17, 2007, last modified Dec 03, 2020

Hey hey hey! Remember when I started serving gaping asshole images to thieving hotlinkers? Well, the first hotlinker sent me an e-mail just now:

Here's what he had to say to me:

Thank you for supporting the internet. If you don't want people link to your site, then don't place those things on public pages. If it is on the internet in public view, I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO LINK TO IT. It's not like I'm taking it as my own work, I have credited your site. However, When you do things like replace the photos with to deter linking, you poison the internet. I now will no longer use, nor will I refer any of my many connections to your site. Your childish ways cost you business. I bid thee adieu.

And, of course, my e-mailed answer

I appreciate your e-mail, but you forgot to send me a link to the page that contains the image in question, so I can assess whether I'll allow it or not.

Regrettably for you:

  1. I have full control of my servers, hence, I can serve you a gaping asshole and you can't do shit about it.
  2. Every ruling of every judge of every part of this planet sides with me, instead of siding with you.

I don't need business from thieves. Thank you very much.