Moved to Plone

published Nov 12, 2008, last modified Dec 03, 2020

Because WordPress is scum.

After years of having to baby-sit WordPress, keeping up with the insane update schedule, and tolerating script kiddie exploits (SQL injections?  What is, this, 2001?), I finally moved to Plone.  I am using a rather complicated Apache + Varnish + Plone + WordPress setup to handle the redirections, and I have not migrated the comments to this site yet, but I expect to do so in the next few days.

In the meantime, enjoy.  Plone is, really, vastly superior for me as an author, and for you as a user (hold on, just let me get commenting set up with antispam measures, then you'll see!).  And now that I have all of my articles in Plone, I will start working on reorganizing the content in a way that makes more sense.

If you're a regular -- something I seriously doubt, since my site has been barren for quite some time now -- hang in there.  And if you want to comment, send me an e-mail; if you really want to send me an e-mail, you'll find my e-mail address right away.

Hang in there.  And do not hesitate to voice your criticisms.  I was going to say "the site needs them" as an excuse to see you criticize, but... not really... that's not the reason.  The reason is that you *have* to voice your criticisms.  Anytime, anyplace.  You have to raise your voice.  You have to criticize.  Always, forever.  Because your criticisms, regardless of how they are received, bring about change.  And the only way forward is change.  Change.