Measures against blog spam

published Jan 18, 2006, last modified Dec 03, 2020

Yes, I've had it with spam. What am I gonna do?

I get a steady stream of spam in the form of unwanted comments trying to sell their shitty, illegal and ineffective drugs.

First off, I considered enabling comments for registered people only. Not good, because ths blog's policy is to try to accommodate as many points of view as possible.

Second, I installed the Captcha plugin. Sadly, I had to remove it, because blind people cannot see images.

Third, I blacklisted these words, found on the top paying keywords page:

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But the real solution proved to be Akismet.  Turbocharged includes it, so all I had to do is get an API key from and enable Akismet.  And I did.  So far, Akismet has stopped more than 200.000 spam comments.

I mean, what's with the people trying to increase their PageRank by peeing on other people's blogs? One of these days, I just might find out who's fucking up my weblog, hack into their servers, and replace all their spammy spam with links to my page, so they'll stop spamming my blog.  Arghhhh!

But thanks to Akismet, these spammers are a problem in the past.