On Lawrence Lessig switching 'majors'

published Jun 20, 2007, last modified Jun 26, 2013


You've been a source of inspiration for tens of thousands of people (or millions... I think I got the order of magnitude wrong by at least two higher steps). I am infinitely grateful for the two deepest reads I had the chance to enjoy: Code and Culture. Brutally sobering.

I think that, whether consciously or unconsciously, both books already had this "corruption" problem pinned down, even if it just was a general/background theme transpired in the innumerable acts of injustice you exposed/remembered in them.

It's been fairly clear to me for years now that "the system", as it currently stands, is, systemically, the source and ultimate cause of these maladies affecting the world, and actively impedes free culture/software.

Kudos for taking on the monumental task of fighting it, not necessarily to destroy it, but to find the leverage that will allow us to reshape it to serve a new, nobler purpose. I wish you all the best.

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