Wine, Linux and Worms 2

published Jul 22, 2002, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Since I just found out I can't run Windows on my computer (not that I wanted but I needed to play Worms 2), I did a little research and work. I discovered I could run Worms 2 under Linux flawlessly. Here's how I did it:

Worms works fine if:

  • You're using wine from April 11th 2002 or later
  • You're using a Windows installation (your wine configuration file points the C: drive to /mnt/windows or wherever you have Windows installed)

    [Drive C]
    "Path" = "/mnt/windows"
    "Type" = "hd"
    "Label" = "MS-DOS"
    "Filesystem" = "win95"
  • You have your CD-ROM configured properly in your wine configuration file

    [Drive D]
    "Path" = "/mnt/cdrom"
    "Type" = "cdrom"
    "Label" = "CD-Rom"
    "Filesystem" = "win95"
    ; make sure that device is correct and has proper permissions !
    "Device" = "/dev/hdd"
  • You have certain options set on your wine configuration file:

    "Desktop" = "640x480"
    "UseDGA" = "Y"
    "DXGrab" = "Y"
    "DesktopDoubleBuffered" = "Y"

To run Worms 2, first run winelauncher SETUP.EXE on your CD-ROM (it seems wine SETUP.EXE doesn't work, please use winelauncher) and install it. Then run winelauncher SETUP.EXE again. That should let you play the game. Do NOT select the videos or it will hang.

Sound works great. CD doesn't play music automatically. You can use kscd or grip to play your CD while playing.