Upgrade your Fedora system to the next distribution version

published Feb 05, 2017, last modified Apr 13, 2017

A simple Ansible recipe to get your system to the next Fedora release.

I've released an Ansible playbook which safely upgrades your Fedora system to the next distribution release.  Here are a few noteworthy points:

  1. Your root ZFS dataset will be snapshotted prior to the upgrade, if your system has ZFS on root.
  2. The debug console shell will be enabled during the upgrade, so you can break into the machine (Ctrl+Alt+F9 after switch root) if the upgrade fails and leaves you with an unbootable system.  It will then be disabled after the upgrade is complete.
  3. The recipe will be idempotent across failures, even if you run it multiple times until completion.

Check it out at the Github repository!