Toolbx is amazing

published Dec 13, 2021

You should use it more!

For years and up until recently, I've been having to create disposable qubes to do software development and packaging flexibly — including installing packages and changing system configuration.  This obviously implies that I have to copy portions of my development environment qube to the disposable qube, adding friction to my development.

No more.  With toolbx (toolbx), I can create a container instance with whatever version of Fedora (or other distributions) I want, and it's all in my development environment, yet nicely sandboxed and separate from the rest of the system.  Best of all, my project directories are automatically and transparently available for me to code / compile / run, directly, right there.  I can quickly test if a package will work with several major releases of distributions, and I can go back to the drawing board without wasting a single minute managing files or machines.  Thanks to toolbx, by the time I dispatch a build to the build server, I already know everything will work fine..

Toolbx. Give it a shot.