The Zircon syscall list is amazing

published Jul 26, 2019

In fact, pretty much everything about Fuchsia is amazing.

This is the Zircon kernel's list of system callsThis is the Zircon kernel's list of system calls

Notice one glaring absence?

There are no file-related system calls.

To be clear, I'm sure things like that exist in some sense of the word, but clearly not at the syscall layer.   But... holy microkernel, Batman!

Fuchsia is one helluva project — it's a revolution in how we think of operating systems. From what I can see reading the documentation and the code, it's clean. I've never seen a project, much less an operating system, so cleanly documented and with such squeaky-clean interfaces and abstractions.  It's like they set out to design a system, then document it, then implement it.  And the design oozes through the documentation and the code.

The only other project in the operating system space that has a comparably-clean design, and profuse documentation, is GenodeWith every regular release, they publish an entire book explaining everything about Genode, from the basics of the microkernel, to the interfaces they ship, to how to hit the ground running with it.

I am amazed.  Help, I can't stop reading the documents.