So you thought free software was only for First World countries...

published Apr 28, 2007, last modified Dec 28, 2021

....and if you did, you were mistaken.

Here's what Ecuador's president had to say about free software and state policy:

Heck, why should I just show you the video! You probably didn't understand one iota! Let me translate. Directly from the President's YouTube channel, here's what he had to say regarding free software:

Dear friends, I'm Rafael Correa, president of the Republic of Ecuador, saying hello. You know it's time for Latin America's integration, in every aspect -- especially regarding information technologies. That's why it's necessary to adopt free software, both in public and in private settings. Through free software, we'll guarantee state sovereignity; we'll depend only on local strengths, instead of external forces. We'll be technology producers, not just consumers. We'll own the source codes. We'll be able to develop products that, through proper coordination, will be extremely useful for both public and private endeavors.

That why it's time for everyone to use free software. We've established free software usage as a government policy. This is an important step for Latin American integration and (why shouldn't we say it?) freedom.

So here you heard it first. Spread the word!