Promoting Linux on Indy 500

published Apr 16, 2007, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Great idea, lots of potential. I've already donated $10.

What Linux needs is more visibility. And an Indy 500 car is not a bad proposition. At Tux500, a group of dedicated individuals are collecting $350.000 to get Linux on an Indy 500 car.

I've already donated $10. Go donate $1 or more if you can. Linux deserves it.

From the site:

Marketing Linux has always been a tricky proposition. As a community, we have relied on corporations who have a stake in the Linux operating system to market Linux to the world at large. Today, we have an opportunity to change that, and make Linux marketing as much a community effort as Linux development. That effort begins with the Tux 500 project.

Our goal is simple: we want to collect community donations to enter a Linux sponsored car in the 2007 Indianapolis 500. We need your help! If less than 1% of the Linux community donates $1, this will happen... will you do your part?