NoMachine NX fails on Fedora 9 -- here's the solution

by Rudd-O published 2008/07/20 19:27:31 GMT+0, last modified 2013-06-26T03:24:20+00:00

I am a heavy user of NoMachine NX. After my move to Fedora 9, it fails with an error of The connection with the remote server was shut down. Please check the state of your network connection. The solution is simple: install the package xorg-x11-fonts-misc. Here's why that works:

The NX server requires a font named fixed from the X core font subsystem when starting up. Fedora 9 no longer has the X core font subsystem by default -- they solved it by compiling fixed and cursor right into the X server. Therefore, the X fonts package is no longer installed by default.

Without said fonts, the NX server fails. Once you've installed them, NX works again.

You're welcome.