New project: batch-convert your LibreOffice spreadsheets into CSV files!

published Mar 08, 2017, last modified Mar 09, 2017

My program ssconverter — an old program whose maintenance I took over — is now live on Github.

I've finished updating a very old program that appeared on LinuxJournal to support Python 3 and modern Linux distributions.  I needed it to power my fitness workbench.

Its name is ssconverter.  Its original — and current — purpose is to batch-convert any number of spreadsheets from OpenOffice or LibreOffice into CSV files, with a twist: unlike unoconv, it lets you specify which sheet of the many possible sheets in the spreadsheet file you want to convert.  It's invaluable to speed up batch conversion of CSV files.

Another feature not present in the original is the ability to enable macros and recalculate the spreadsheet right before exporting it to CSV.  This is useful for people who have macro-based formulas in their spreadsheets, which would otherwise export with #VALUE! in every cell position where a macro-based formula was entered.

Go get it at Github!