I love Umbrel. Running it on a Pi? No.

published Oct 19, 2021

Raspberry Pis are notoriously unreliable compared to regular PCs.

I love Raspberry Pis, but they are absolutely not trustworthy hardware to be running sensitive stuff like Umbrel.  I know — I've had numerous Pis before.

Cooling is often inadequate on these devices, and power supplies (ha!) vary in quality.

Nor is it a good idea to trust Umbrel data to SD cards or disks attached via USB. That's just asking for data loss.

It's fine if your Kodi media center shits the bed and you're out of TV two days.  The ability to send and receive money?  That's a different ball game.  (You did save your magic words and channel backups, did you?)

At least there is something that the Umbrel maintainers could do, tho:

At the very least the Umbrel OS must come as a btrfs-formatted image, and the data disk must be formatted the same way. That would at least ensure that data corruption is detected, possibly even corrected depending on the level of redundancy.