How to build CopperheadOS the easy way

by Rudd-O published 2017/07/31 11:37:00 GMT+0, last modified 2018-08-11T05:12:26+00:00
Use your Jenkins server to build CopperheadOS for your Google Pixel and Nexus devices.

Note: CopperheadOS has sadly become discontinued.  I'm working on a recipe to build your own RattlesnakeOS (its successor) on-prem.  Stay tuned!

I've published the recipe I use to build CopperheadOS — a fortified version of Android AOSP — to my Github account.  This executable recipe gives you full secure boot support — so nobody will be able to tamper with your device unbeknownst to you — as well as anti-theft protection on your device (provided you have not turned off OEM unlock on your device).

It's time for you to enjoy it too!