Beryl, window miniatures, transparent video vs. old PC

published Apr 20, 2007, last modified Dec 28, 2021

Beryl can make TV-on-computer incredibly sexy.

Even on an old PC (graphics card: generic GeForce 2 MX), Beryl can hold its own. This video was shot at 640x480 because the CPU could not capture video fast enough at higher resolutions, but the same experiment runs fluidly at 1024x768 when not capturing video.

Check the window miniatures. Perfect for monitoring a program (say, the Firefox download manager) on a different side of the desktop cube!

The most amazing thing you can do with Beryl is open a TV window (yes, it gets along fairly well with TVTime), maximize it, put your Web browser on top of it, and make the browser semitransparent. You can watch TV and browse the Web simultaneously, no fuss, no muss!

Oh, almost forgot: You can pimp up your Beryl at! Tell your friends!