A hack to enable full-text RSS feeds in Plone

published Dec 12, 2008, last modified Dec 08, 2021

You can let people syndicate your Plone site, searches or collections in full. Here's how.

This is a quick hack I came up with after Googling for hours and making many experiments.  Follow these instructions:

  1. Launch your ZMI and locate your Plone instance.
  2. Go to portal_skins/plone_templates/rss_template
  3. Customize it
  4. Locate the line that says
  5. After that line, add

That is it.  Try a search and click the RSS link.  Then view the source.  You should see the content inside the tags.

But what about spammers harvesting my content?

By now, you must also be familiar with the problem of spammers harvesting full-text feeds for their link farm sites.  .

Making full text conditional to an URL parameter

If you want to make the full text feed conditional to a query string parameter, just add this instead:


...and now, the regular feeds will remain unchanged, but whenever your users append ?full=1 to the URL they are using for feeds, their feeds will contain the full article text.

Suggestions, as always, welcome.