Why the evil of statism is more visible now

published Jan 28, 2022, last modified Dec 30, 2022

The freedom convoy of Canada helps us illustrate why.

Why the evil of statism is more visible now

News — but not mainstream news — have it that a very large convoy of trucks and semis is making its way to Ottawa this very minute.

In response to the growing convoy, a (rather scared) Prime Minister Trudeau has attempted to downplay it as a "small fringe" (no) of "anti-vaxxers" (no).  If you can stomach watching Trudeau lie to your face, skip to mark 3:28 in this video:

See, the "small fringe" part is largely belied by the sheer enormity of the convoy.  So what was the genius move on the part of the government?  Did they acknowledge Trudeau was wrong about his public statements?

No, hahaha, of course not.  Instead, the people in charge of traffic cameras showing the convoy have shut off access to the public.  See for yourself:

What's the common thread in the government's response?

Deliberate deceit.  If government says one thing, and reality says another, reality itself — in the minds of the public — must be annihilated.  Whatever form of deceit, no matter how crude or blatantly obvious, will be used in order to attain that goal.  No corrections, no mea culpas — doubling down is the only possible response in the mind of such a government employee.

People have always asked me why I'm skeptical of governments, and it's always been a hard question to answer because people want to know about specific things governments have done that are evil.  So, I bring up a few items (there's no shortage)... and the typical response used to be "oh, okay, but that was well in the past / that only happened to a small amount of people / that's hard to believe it did happen".

That doesn't seem to happen that often anymore.  Now, there seems to be absolutely nothing governments don't lie the public about, there's no evil governments aren't willing to commit in order for their diktats to prevail, and governments have in fact treated the public like rats or insects for close to two years.  Finally — this is key — the public can tell, because most of the public has had direct experience, has suffered those actions of their government visibly and directly, or at least has observed it in close others.

Sadly, a large minority of the public will still deny anything awry is happening or ever did happen.  There will always be people who say "the government's pandemic response was good / wasn't so bad / would have been worse if they didn't do anything".  That's fine — there are people who say, entirely unironically, that e.g. the children burned to death in a fire started by the U.S. government in Waco were a "necessary casualties", because the government was trying to save those children

That perverse brand of reality denial stems directly from public schooling, where government teachers inoculate future adults against ever thinking the truth about their government.  As I like to tell people — if Coca-Cola ran schools, it would be heresy to suggest that excess sugar causes diabetes.

So long as that "original sin" manufacturing machine exists, there will be public officials eager to shut off cameras, and hide any facts, that dispute their agenda.  So long as governments indoctrinate children, no real public understanding of how society really works can be achieved.