There is no "new normal"

published Oct 28, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

There is just abnormal.

There is no "new normal"

It's not normal to be forced to stay at home.

It's not normal to be fined or arrested for wanting to move about without a muzzle.

It's not normal for you to be told, perpetually, "two more weeks".

It's not normal to be tracked wherever you go.

It's not normal to be coerced into taking a medication, sold with secret contracts, poorly tested, and distributed Soviet style, for which you have to pay, whether you take it or not.

It's not normal to be told that said medication "works", yet contradictorily "doesn't work" unless you bully everyone around you into taking it.

It's not normal to then be told that, oh, sorry, the medication has stopped working, now you must take more.

It's not normal to be constantly dehumanized for rejecting that medication, with the constant message that you are evil and to blame for everyone's lives being hard — even though you are most categorically not who is making everyone's lives hard.

It's not normal to be told that you must tolerate all these perverse absurdities, if you want to "gain your freedoms again" — as if freedom was, not an inherent right you have, but a treat you get for obeying like a fucking dog.

None of this is "normal".

What it is, is abnormal.

Say no.

Say fuck no.