The deceptive erasure of reality is reaching unprecedented levels

published Oct 20, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

Just two simple examples of how systematically you're being deceived.

Here you have a shining example of how public perception is being completely corrupted.  In an attempt to discredit and minimize the protests going on in Italy, the official Web site showing the plaza where the protest is taking place, shows a "live feed" the plaza almost completely empty.  In reality, the person showing you that video is, in fact, in real time on that plaza, surrounded by countless people, all partaking of the protest.

Here is another example — this one even more Orwellian.  Some news media are embarking on an effort to rewrite their historical article archives, in order to make older stories conform to the modern shibboleths of humiliation they support and propagate.

The corruption of the nature of your reality is one of the most malevolent activities Man can partake of — especially when done in such a systematic, intentional manner.  Destroying people's shared reality means destroying people's society and well-being.  Only manipulative, deceitful, perfidious fraudsters do this.

Reject the destruction of your reality.  Reject the merchants of lies.