The liars of the Covid-Gesetz-YES campaign

published Oct 28, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

It didn't take two paragraphs in their propaganda spiel to find the first blatant lie.

In a few weeks, Switzerland will hold a countrywide referendum to either fully empower the Federal State to continue holding us arbitrarily captive ("yes"), or to restore normality and sanity to legislative and executive actions ("no").

The campaign for the "yes" is composed of artful lies.  I quote:

Das neue Covid-19-Gesetz schafft die gesetzliche Grundlage für das Covid-Zertifikat. Mit dem Zertifikat lassen sich eine Covid-Impfung, eine durchgemachte Erkrankung oder ein negatives Testergebnis einheitlich und sicher zu dokumentieren. Weil es international anerkannt ist, können wir damit ins Ausland reisen.

First outright act of deceit.  To set up the deceit, they imply correctly that the obligation to hold a Corona passport (tested / vaccinated / recovered) in order to live normal lives would cease — one of the effects of "no" winning.  Then they imply falsely that, because of this, Swiss people wouldn't be able to travel, in the event of a "no" victory.

This is outright false.  "No" winning does not prohibit people from getting tested or vaccinated to travel.  It does not even prohibit people from holding a Corona passport.  Travel would continue exactly as it continues today.  The lift of a coercive obligation to do X never implies the prohibition of the option to do X.  But I am sure they know it — they just don't give a fuck about lying.

These people are corrupt, malevolent scumbags — and they know full well how to lie credibly.

Regard them as evil people who want to control you, because that's what they want — the perpetuation of their newly-gained control over you.

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