The dehumanization of mRNA objectors continues

published Jan 09, 2022, last modified Feb 01, 2022

The global deterioration of society and the rise of medical apartheid continues unabated.

The dehumanization of mRNA objectors continues

What you are about to see is an altercation between citizens and police in Germany, where the police confidently call the citizen inhuman and murderer, without any foundation at all.

Forget about such a depraved thing to say being obviously psychotic lies — "murder" is not a word that applies to someone unknowingly spreading a disease, moreso when that someone doesn't have the disease!  Ask yourself this — is such a slur not a form of dehumanization?

What is the next step society will take, when you have authority figures falsely smearing citizens as "murderers", "not citizens", and "inhuman"?

The story comes to us from the daily digest of Technocracy:

You know you’ve entered a twilight zone of insanity when a police officer tells you you’re a criminal simply because you’re unvaccinated. That’s exactly what happened the other day in Germany. The police officer insisted the unvaccinated man was “a murderer” because he “might infect someone,” and that he’s “not a human.”

The bizarre altercation was posted on Twitter December 12, 2021, (see above). In response, the unvaccinated man tells the cop he’s the one who has “lost all humanity.” Indeed. Who thought we’d ever see the day when individuals are marked as “murderers” and “not human” based on vaccination status alone?

It’s beyond irrational. But then again, insanity does not obey reason, and according to professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist, the world has indeed been hypnotized into a state of mass psychosis.1

“Mass formation psychosis” is the explanation for how the Germans accepted the atrocities by the Nazi party in the 1930s, and it’s the explanation for why so many around the world support medical apartheid and the dehumanization of the unvaccinated now.

Go read the whole story.