How to systematically track and coerce Americans who refuse mRNA therapies

published Nov 16, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

Here is how I would do it. Any similarity to reality is not my responsibility.

If I wanted to track individually who has not yet bent the knee to Big Pharma and and accepted its coercive pharmaceuticals, and I also wanted to hound them constantly until I broke their wills, here is how I would do it.

  1. I would first equate said products to vaccines, so all social logic and established institutional procedures from vaccines applied to my new chemical concoctions.
  2. Then, I would devise or piggyback on a diagnostic code in the ICD-10.  It would have to be something like "immunization not carried out because of patient's unwillingness".  It wouldn't matter if my chemicals didn't give immunity, because all established procedures regard my chemicals effectively as if they did.
  3. I would then tell doctors and hospitals that they should log that ICD-10 code for every patient they see who has yet to take Big Pharma's mRNA therapies.  At this point, all the names of those people are logged into databases, that certain individuals can then query to instantly make reports of who was when where that said "no thanks".
  4. I would also encourage doctors and hospitals to use these databases to identify those who refused, and hound them until, y'know, they stopped refusing.

If you would think me evil for executing on this plan, you'd be right.  This would be a profoundly malevolent perversion of established systems and institutions — where you have learned to deposit your trust — to get Big Pharma that last final edge of profit they wanted to extract from their oligopoly power.  I would not just be evil — I would be perverse and corrupt.

Oh, wait, what's this?