Women screw around just as much as men do... or more

published Aug 27, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013
....Another sow in a tuxedo is female promiscuity. The real reason human females are sexually active all year long is that they are biologically driven to expand the gene pool – have sex with men other than their workhorse husbands or boyfriends. Elk only have to watch over their women a month or so in fall to ensure their genes disseminate.[*] Human males have to watch over their women all year long. We can't do it. Women are not naturally faithful creatures and it is a travesty to acculturate men with the notion that if they are good to their wives their wives will be faithful to them. That's extremely unlikely. A DNA study done in a block of English row houses revealed that one out of three children could NOT have been the biological issue of their alleged fathers. Face it men. Women screw around. Even if you treat them right they screw around. [**] It's not your fault. You don't have to bear the shame in silence and isolation – thinking it's only you – torturing yourself with desperate imaginings that if you had just done this or said that she wouldn't have yanked off her panties for someone else. Cowshit. She STILL would have done it. Women are not loyal creatures and the sooner men learn that the more bearable life becomes.
Advice to men

Sé que este párrafo suena misógino, pero es la verdad. Los sociólogos evolucionistas han llegado a la conclusión de que la mujer busca dos parejas: el "proveedor estable", y el "proveedor de genes". Si pensaron que el "proveedor de genes" es el que se divierte más, pues están en lo cierto.

Por otro lado, yo he sido testigo de este tipo de cosas. Sin decir nombres, voy a mencionar que tengo un pana que estuvo de visita por estos lares. La ex-enamorada lo flauteó... estando amarrada con otro tipo. Visto desde el punto de vista de mis valores morales, ¡severana zorra! Pero tiene sentido biológicamente.

Creo que el único antídoto contra esto es constituirse en el "proveedor de genes".