Why I needed to coin leftarchism

published Oct 17, 2013

The reason why I've decided to invent a completely new word to classify leftarchists.

I'm approximately seven years into challenging leftarchist ideas, and (much like this feller here), not a single time has any leftarchist ever produced any valid counterpoint that addressed my challenges to their ideas. Ever.

During these seven years, all I read from these people is how me and my friends ought to be murdered if we wanted to hold on to our cars.  How decent and hard-working people are evil scum that are keeping everyone else down.  How eliminating money would produce unimaginable prosperity.  How everything that the criminals d.b.a "government" ruin is "really the fault of capitalism".  How people who support others by consensually affording them jobs and money are "actually vile and exploitative oppressors" who want to rule the world.

At some point I must admit that, no matter how charitable I want to be with the ideology and their ideologues, the ideology itself is absurd, the ideologues are sick in the head, and their abuse of the idea of anarchism is inexcusable.

That happened a few months ago, for me. I am through with the whole challenging of obviously indefensible and absurd ideas that have remained literally inexplicably absurd for seven years of my life.  I am through.

I've moved on.

I'm now defining a neologism that will come in handy to allude to that mishmash of irrational idiocies that I'm tired of debating (even though it's never an actual honest debate from *their* side).

Enjoy the definition of leftarchism.