Why do they want us to eat bugs so badly?

published Mar 27, 2023

Your very humanity is their biggest obstacle.

Why do they want us to eat bugs so badly?

You don't have to watch it, but here's one of the many, many videos trying to  pressure you into eating bugs (source):

Have you wondered why they want you to try these disgusting and degrading nonfoods so badly?

Here's a clue: notice how they don't even bother making it appetizing?  That tells you a lot!

They do this precisely because it's dehumanizing!  The humiliation is the point.

All Communist provocation is meant to humiliate, disgust, and dehumanize.  If they can force, pressure or coerce you into liking this, or even just succumbing to it, they've broken your spirit; they've reduced you to the level of vermin, reptiles or worse-than-homeless.

Once your spirit is broken, they can then (and certainly will) make you do much worse.

Draw a line and hold it.

Edited to add from James Lindsay:

If you have the stomach for it—and I mean that—look up the Pitesti Prison experiments. It's probably the most horrifying thing you'll ever encounter. It's a direct look into the mind of the Communist. You are warned.