When news media tell you something, assume the opposite is true

published Nov 17, 2021

Literally every single reported element of the Kenosha Kyle story has been a lie.

When news media tell you something, assume the opposite is true
Not a father — a rapist.

Mainstream sources told us that:

  1. Kenosha Murderer
  2. crossed state lines,
  3. with an assault rifle,
  4. to become an active shooter,
  5. provoke people,
  6. and murder innocent victim "minorities",
  7. peacefully protesting in Kenosha.

Exactly the opposite is true, as those of us who actually saw the trial have now learned:

  1. Kyle crossed state lines because his mother and father live in different states.
  2. Kyle did not cross at any point in time any state lines with any firearm.
  3. He was not an "active shooter" by any definition of the term.
  4. He never provoked anyone.  In fact he was provoked and then physically assaulted to injury, as he attempted to retreat until he could not any more.
  5. He only shot the people directly trying to maim or kill him.
  6. None of the people he shot were "victims" — they were attacking him.
  7. They were not "peaceful" nor were they "protesting".  They were in the middle of a riot, positively participating in it, destroying property,  attacking others, and acting aggressively.
  8. They were not "innocent" either — one was a thief, another a child rapist, and the third was a domestic abuser — all convicted.
  9. None of them were "minorities".

Keep these actual findings of fact, every time you are tempted to believe the lies that news media habitually tells you.  Don't fall prey to Gell-Mann amnesia.  And keep these lies you were told in mind, as the people who were duped by the lies prepare to riot in Kenosha again.

If you are a decent person, you should be thankful that these three impulsive, violent, degenerate scumbags were shot.  Two of them will never abuse or rape people again.  The third will think very carefully before returning to evildoing.  This outcome is a net good for the world.  Thank you Kyle.