What our energy future might look like

published Apr 19, 2023

Energy is a big topic for me — and I think it's usually a big topic for anyone who wants a family, in particular a big one.

Here is what my study of the matter lets me know, please forgive the candor:

Energy experts aligned with IPCC, UN and WEF policy experts are telling us very clearly that, in the future, you will not drive your own car, you will probably eat insects, and you will have to downsize clothing, travel, climate control and and housing.  Effectively, they are already warning you that you are going to be poorer in every practical sense that matters, with the subtext that you better resign yourself to that.  You may scoff — but they've said it in as many words; I consider my conscience clear by pointing them out.

Now, these are all the same people telling you that fertilizer is bad, that carbon dioxide is worse, that solar panels and big fans are a matter of life or death, that nuclear is vewwy dangerous, and that oil is killing the planet.

Perhaps we should listen to them and connect cause and effect.  If you are in any way able to influence policy-setting / policy-making / policy-influential elements, avoiding this disastrous outcome is probably one of the top three concerns they should be thinking about.  If you can't help turn the ship where you are, move.

Politics may be downstream from culture, but culture is definitely downstream from energy.