Groomer Schools 2 - Queer Futurity and the Sexual Abuse of Your Children--OQL1Jja3p4.mp4

last modified Mar 31, 2022

In the previous episode of the New Discourses Podcast (, James Lindsay revealed the long history of the problem of Groomer Schools, and horrible as it is, it barely communicates just how bad things really are. In this follow-up episode, Lindsay reads through an academic paper at the intersection of early childhood education and Queer Theory, two subjects that should never be mixed. The 2019 paper is called "Queer futurity and childhood innocence: Beyond the injury of development" by Hannah Dyer of Carleton University, Canada. In this episode of the podcast, James reads through this paper in full, offering his usual level of commentary and revealing just how insidious and dangerous the agenda in the public schools is (Critical Race Theory is, honestly, among the least of our problems, if you can believe it). Join him and prepare to be appalled at what the Critical Marxists who have taken over our education system have in mind for our children.