Webmaster: dead on arrival

by Rudd-O published 2007/01/29 11:38:47 GMT+0, last modified 2013-06-26T03:24:27+00:00

We all know the Webmaster, a long-gone profession revered in the late 90's, is dead.

This article on Yet Another Web Development Blog explores the demise of the Webmaster as a profession. My favorite quote from the article?

As far as I can tell, Web 2.0 is mostly about rounded corners,low-contrast pastel colors, and domain names with missing vowels. Butit also seems to be about an emphasis on social collaboration.

Hey, JX, that's your definition of Web 2.0. Yeah, you can crack a smile at that :-).

Now, seriously: of course the almighty Webmaster had to die... aren't we all supposed to contribute content to the Big Bad World Wide Web now? Heck, even MySpace asshats are doing so (though in that scenario, "contribution" could be recasted as "littering").