Watch a hypnotist hypnotize millions of TV viewers

published Jun 15, 2016, last modified Dec 28, 2021

You are about to see a man hypnotize millions of people into believing his organization has the right to control everyone's firearms.

You are about to watch a superb example of how the rulers program people to believe what the rulers want.  Roll tape:

Fascinating, isn't it?  That man repeats, calmly and with a commanding voice, his lie — no less than eight times.  At no point does he make any sort of argument that would validate his lie... but he doesn't need to — all he needs to do is confidently repeat a lie over and over while exuding authority, and most people will just buy it.  Of course, the useful idiots around him aid and abet him in repeating the lie, and even say meaningless platitudes like "why yes, that's a very important point you're making".  No secret, no subliminality, it's all done out in the open and in plain sight.

So, having watched that — what are the chances that, tomorrow, you'll hear people around you repeat the exact same nonsense as gospel?  You can bet those folks parroting the propaganda won't remember where they heard that, but they will get very angry at you if you question it.

That, my dear reader, is how world-class mind control is done.