Extreme egalitarian? Bad with words? Easy to push around? Psychiatric symptoms? You might be an SJW.

published Nov 20, 2016, last modified Dec 28, 2021

Fascinating factor analysis research has given us the keys to understanding the traits of the political correctness authoritarian control freak, and given us the secrets to eradicate their pathological beliefs. Professor Gad Saad discusses this revolutionary masters thesis work with professor Jordan B. Peterson.

Extreme egalitarian?  Bad with words?  Easy to push around?  Psychiatric symptoms?  You might be an SJW.

Key takeaways

  • There is such a thing as a "political correctness" archetype of person.  It's very much real and borne out by the data.
  • The personality predictors of political correctness are not the same as those of liberalism.  Liberalism and political correctness are entirely different things.
  • Radical egalitarianism is the first factor associated with political correctness / SJW obsession.
    • This factor is primarily predicted by trait agreeableness (compassion and politeness).
    • Individuals scoring high on this trait are easy to push around and have trouble standing up for themselves.
  • The second factor is left wing authoritarianism, expressed in the desire for language control.  This factor is predicted by:
    • High orderliness (ordinarily a predictor for right wing authoritarianism).
    • Poor verbal cognitive ability.
    • Psychiatric symptomatology.
  • Male SJWs are pursuing (what is known in the literature as) the sneaky fucker sexual reproductive strategy.
    • The archetypal example of this strategy is the Nice Guy who befriends women hoping to some day sleep with them.

Scientific American has a fascinating writeup on this exact very subject.

So what's this knowledge useful for?

Glad you asked.  This gives us a direct strategy to eradicate SJWism.

If, culturally speaking, SJW attitudes are made unpopular and abnormal again, and Nice Guy behavior is made to appear like the pusillanimous abomination it is, then we'll almost immediately see a lot of the SJWs calm down and stop trying to meddle with other people's lives.  Why?  Because a large portion of them are fearful pushovers — many of them clinically anxious — so, as soon as they find themselves being unpopular and criticized, they'll just shut up.  As SJW dogmas are proselytized less and less, and becomes substituted by less toxic ideas, this will have a feedback effect — since the SJW personality archetype includes high agreeableness, we can logically expect them to stop agreeing with SJW dogma and start agreeing with the new ideas.

In civil society, possible combat tactics may include a combination of shaming Nice Guys for their insincerity, refusing compliance against norms that SJWs try to impose, using humor and memetics to defuse their message, and forming alliances that are explicitly against — and loudly signal opposition to — SJW dogmas and their desired policies.  Since cultural studies programs in universities are the SJW factories of today, these need to be unequivocally delegitimized and presented as options taken only by losers who want to find themselves jobless.  There's also SJW dogma creeping into high schools — that needs to be fought by parents, both at home to immunize children to dogma, and in schools themselves, to prevent the dogma from being spread there.  It's key to combine these tactics with constant and unapologetic presentation of alternative ideas, so that SJWs have an "escape hatch" of new things to agree to, while they find themselves in the process of ditching SJW dogma.

This strategy will slash SJW cultism right at the knee, eradicating the vast majority of supporters who form their own echo chamber of confirmation bias.  The few loudmouths that will remain — right where the dogma started, with cultural Marxist professors in colleges — will have substantially diminished influence after that.  This is the "hardest boss" to slay.  To eradicate it, the key precondition is that their entire ideology and their fraudulent "research" must have been completely discredited, at a whole society level, such that people feel angry that they are forced to pay money for these corrupt charlatans.  After achieving that precondition, two tactics remain: get them replaced by proper thinkers as they die of old age, and abolish their cultural studies programs.

There.  A plan to eradicate SJW dogma.  Execute!