The truths about stem cell research

by Rudd-O published 2006/03/03 22:35:20 GMT+0, last modified 2013-06-26T03:24:29+00:00

It's sad to see, over here (Slashdot | Stem Cell Research in a Judge's Hands), that stem cell research is still a topic of hot debate.

Stem cell research is good for everyone. Even if performed with harvested human embryos. Why do I think that?

Simple. Stem cell research opens the gates of possibility to a myriad of disease treatment options which couldn't have been figured out.

The controversy is simple and is centered around one simple thing, which by now should have been a settled argument: do human embryos carry souls? No one has provided solid scientific evidence proving this argument, to date. I do not think that is true, either.

I, for one, look forward to living a thousand years thanks to stem cell research. I hope I get to see that day, of course.