The new wave of spam in WordPress blogs: intelligent spam

published Feb 02, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013

I dunno about you, guys, but there's an increased amount of spammer activity (comment spam) targeted towards WordPress users. And the most disconcerting thing is, this spam is hard to tell from legitimate comments!

Why? It turns out that the text is nearly legit, and it usually praises the article or blog where it's posted, or asks a legitimate-looking question. The only thing that stands out (and this is not evident, at all, from the e-mail WordPress sends after a comment is posted) is the nickname and the commenter's URL, which usually points to an ad squatter page with nothing useful. Things like "Phentermine", "Valium" or "Office 2003", and now, common misspellings of words, such as "Adobe Acrabat", are the distinctive mark of this new spam wave.

Have you experienced this in your blog? If you have, please leave a comment and (if you desire) a link or a trackback to your blog.