The most accurate predictor of divorce likelihood

published Sep 20, 2010, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Holy shit!

Number of sexual partners of the woman.

If she's had another sexual partner before you, right there your marriage with her has 40% chance of failing (in 5 years' time).  If she's had two (before you), you are quite more likely to get divorced from her than to remain married, in 5 years' time.

What this data shows is that sexual partner count is a very good--in fact uncannily good--predictor of the risks of divorce.

How good? One extra partner in a woman is equivalent to negating the protective benefit of greater-than-high school education in a woman, two partners equivalent to having a poverty affected marriage, ten or more partners negates any benefit of income or education with regard to marital risk.

Other interesting facts.  The poorer the woman, the likelier the divorce.  The less educated the woman, the likelier the divorce.  I guess our grandparents' wisdom had some truth beneath all the bigotry!

Amazingly, if you want your marriage to last, marrying a rich and educated but sexually promiscuous woman (a "slut", defined as 2 or more partners before you) is a much worse idea than marrying a very poor and uneducated woman that has had no sexual partners.  Of course, the best strategy for people looking forward to a lasting marriage, is to marry a virgin, educated and rich woman.

I know people will hate me for posting this, but... you know what?  Numbers don't lie.