The diversity and inclusion rule of thumb

published May 24, 2019

Is your profession about to be invaded by diversity and inclusion fanatics?

Here is a quick rule of thumb that will allow you to figure it out in the coming years.

The rule is:

  • if your profession is physically dangerous, or
  • your profession carries little power over others, or
  • your profession offers little prestige in the world, or
  • your profession only offers low salaries,

then you won't see many obsessed D&I fanatics demanding that there be "more diversity and more inclusion" in your profession.

Here's proof:

  • What's the relative percentage of D&I fans demanding D&I in the trash collection or logging industries?
  • What about in the secretary or mail office employee space?
  • Have you seen a D&I fan demanding diversity in barista / McD's cook jobs?

No, right?

What does this say?

It says they want to invade and dominate only professions that yield them power, money, and security — and expel anyone who doesn't agree with their dogma.  Diversity and inclusion are just pretexts to say "here's why you should give me this unearned power".