The "Deep" in Deep State is an unearned compliment

published Apr 07, 2023

And you befool yourself every time you parrot it.

The "Deep" in Deep State is an unearned compliment
"Derp State!"

"Deep State" is the most significant public relations defeat that English-speaking humanity has experienced in the 21st century.  Not even the Pulitzer-winning multi-year propaganda push for Communism (by none other than the New York Times) has yielded such an epic victory for the forces of evil.

Maybe I'm exaggerating.  Let's think about that for a moment.

When you say "deep reflection" or "deep thought" — do your listeners instinctively feel like you speak of an evil or fearsome kind of reflection / thought?  No!  Of course not!  You and I know that the term "deep" has mostly positive or awe-inspiring connotations; its closest cognate is profoundWhen you say "that thought is deep", did you mean that thought was psychopathic?  No.  Of course not — you meant that the thought got you thinking too.

When you say "deep waters"... is it because you think "the waters" are evil?  No.  Maybe you fear the ocean, but you recognize that it is a thing both without volition and unpredictable, therefore it may be surprisingly dangerous — but it can't be evil.

Why then call the State "deep"?  Why describe an evil people using a term that strips moral responsibility from them?  Why use a term that ascribes awe-inspiring power (both unearned and fickle) to them?

Let me ask you this: if you have an enemy who wants your money, your unquestioning obedience or death, your children mutilated, brainwashed, sterilized, and your wife cucking you... do you call him "awe-inspiring" or "profound"?  No!  Of course not!  Assuming you don't outright eliminate him the minute you see him, the very least you can do if he continues to prowl around is refer to him as evil.

Let's face it.  While attempting to identify a very specific, very real group of people, you've been using a psyopped term.  When you use such a term — or any synonym — to refer to these people, you only reaffirm their power, along with underlining the impotence of your listener against that group of people, already perceived as untouchable and quasi-omnipotent.

So don't.  Stop.  Call that part of the State what it is:


It's not the "Deep" State.  It never was. It's the Dark State — because that's the correct term.

The Dark State refers to the millions of otherwise-insignificant bugpeople — all shallower than a pond made of vomit — idly prowling around, mishandling your personal data and life, yet ready to fuck with your family the minute you dare become too "uppity" for their taste.

They are the psychopaths on golden retirement plans, all ready to brutally arrest you for not complying fast enough, all cheering for your country to fund and staff the warfare and mass murder of people you've never met.

They are the backoffice blobs at the DMV, getting that kick out of secretly delaying the issuance of your next driver's license, because her blob colleague at the front desk didn't like your dignified lack of supplication.

They are perverse fucks, who live off of you, control large parts of your life, know it full well and much to their delight, and wouldn't bat an eye if you were murdered for resisting their demands.

While they all think they are morally better than you, in reality they often smell, they steal from the public, most of them do fuckall, quite frequently they beat their spouses and kids up, and let's just be frank: they got those jobs because they like to be on the fun side of the abuse — and boy do they get to be abusive with their power over you!

Why are these people Dark, you ask?  They are Dark because they hide their malevolent intentions, decisions, interactions, and perversities in the dark (whether by procedure, deceit, or other similarly underhanded tactics), where they know they can remain in impunityThey are Dark because, like cockroaches, they like the dark.

When you call them deep, you do them the favor of supporting their shroud of darknessDon't!

Alright!  So you're not ready yet to water your lawn with legislator juice.  Cool.  I get it — me neither.  But can you at least stop softballing the names you use for the enemies that want you enslaved and your kids sterilized?

They don't have a problem smearing you with untrue names.  Why would you have a problem tagging them with true names?

Consider this: you will never defeat evil, as long as you call evil "good".