Talk to your friends

published Jan 23, 2017

Here's a few reasons why you should open your heart.

Life can throw a shitstorm at you.  Don't worry — there's one sure-fire way to pick yourself up: talk to your friends.

Be honest with them.  Don't talk to acquaintances — talk to friends.  Talk to those people you know who will unconditionally tell you the truth — not just what you want to hear.

Don't just talk, though.  Listen to them.  As in "dude, tell me more".  Ask questions.  I'll say it again: listen to them, extensively, in detail.

You will find yourself shocked by how much of what you yourself are going through, they are going through too, in one way or another.  Best part: you will for sure find yourself discovering hard truths about yourself.

Listen and share, to keep growing.  Never stop growing.