Supercharged WordPress 1.6 is out

published Mar 07, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Yes, 1.6 is the new version number for Supercharged WordPress. Here's the list of changes:

  • Integrated Gallery2 plugin
  • Integrated My Tube plugin
  • Added cache-flush plugin
  • Added lightbox plugin (this one is fantastic) with additional caching fixes so page loading is faster
  • WordPress AutoLink was updated to automatically add rel="lightbox" to all hyperlinked images, and now has a mass AutoLink Manage screen
  • Fixed LMM^Box File Press to use new settings from WordPress 2.0
  • Added ezStatic plugin (though it sometimes fails to work)
  • Updated included themes to the latest version
  • Fixed Search and replace plugin to use the proper URL for the search and replace AJAX action
  • Integrated the super-configurable Sirius theme
  • Improved the In-Series plugin to let you designate selected categories to be series as well, all via the standard category management screen

Wow, that's six new plugins in a single package, two updated themes which integrate the new plugins, and several bug fixes! Sure worth of a new minor release. Thus, I present to you: Supercharged WordPress 1.6.