Socialists are responsible for the utter starvation and economic failure in Venezuela

published Mar 10, 2016

And no one else. An article by Anen-o-me.

Regardless of what policies they are imposing there's two undeniable facts:

  1. Chavez/Maduro are self-described and earnest socialists whom desire to somehow create a society of equality and worker-ownership of the means of production.

  2. If not for these two men coming into power, Venezuela would not have massive food lines and general economic shortages. Whatever it is these two men did to try to get to a socialist society, it is they, two socialists, who have created this situation.

This is a milk-line in Caracas, Venezuela, when the government announced that one store in the capital city of some 3 million people would begin selling milk:

This is a line to buy food in Venezuela:

Neither of these photos would have happened if capitalism had not been interfered with by the socialists in power in Venezuela. This is undeniable. Shortages like this do not tend to happen in capitalist societies, because the second it looks like a shortage might develop, someone realizes they can make a profit by moving that product from other areas to where it's needed most.

It is the profit motive that keeps shortages from happening; profit is a good thing!

The indignities that Venezuelans have been forced to undergo because two socialists took absolute power in Venezuela extend even to their most private moments. This is a line to buy toilet paper in Venezuela:

This would not have happened if two socialists didn't interfere with the function of capitalism in Venezuela.

Ordinary Venezuelans are both incredibly upset with the government, and have realized they've now been snookered by these socialists.

Anyone in Venezuela who is able to leave and has a marketable skill has either left or is trying to get out. The young are fleeing Venezuelal in droves; doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc., all escaping Venezuela.

All of this happened ONLY because of socialists gaining power in Venezuela, and would surely NOT have happened if socialists had never gained power in Venezuela.

The why of it happening is less important, but has to do with socialist-bias against all profit-seeking activity in economics, with government use of price-controls to try to attack profit, redistribute income, and buy votes from the poor.

But the result is a destroyed economic system.

And the result has been humanitarian crisis, which the socialist government is standing in the way of getting people help.

Socialism Has Created a Humanitarian Disaster in Venezuela

The economic crisis is having a particularly nasty impact on healthcare. According to the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation, only 20 per cent of the drugs that doctors require are available. People must rely on social media to scout the country for medications for their loved ones. The lack of spare parts means that much medical equipment is useless: 86 per cent of X-Ray machines are out of service, for example. “Babies born prematurely are dying like little chicks” was a February headline of El Nacional, Venezuela’s last independent daily. It quoted a resident doctor in one of the public hospitals saying that, due to the shortages, they cannot save the lives of all patients. “We are operating under war conditions,” she said.

People are dying that wouldn't be dead, if socialists were not running Venezuela.

In promising to make healthcare free, the result is healthcare was destroyed. Venezuelans are now literally dying in the streets, trying to get health care from border countries, and the Venezuelan government cares more about food smuggling than protecting these peoples lives:

Venezuelans Make Taxing Trek to Seek Health Care in Colombia

Cubides' trips to a dialysis center in Cucuta turned into multi-hour ordeals that left him too tired to eat dinner. He gave up his job as a city gardener. Then, one hot afternoon shortly after New Year's Day, he stumbled and fell on the bridge. He was dead by the time he arrived at a Cucuta hospital, his medical records and death certificate show.

"This never would have happened if not for the closure. It was day after day of fatigue for him," said his mother, Elvira Cubides, wiping away tears. "This country has lost its heart."

You realize that food smuggling is not even an issue in capitalist societies???

Venezuela cannot keep the lights on, even in their own capital. How can hospitals operate with no medicine and no electricity?

Venezuela's economy is on life support and the organs are shutting down, and the most essential services are going with it, including those things the poor need most.

Socialist Venezuela has blackouts in the capital and stores are cutting hours. The economy is shutting down.[8]

Meanwhile all Maduro does, the socialist leader of Venezuela, is blame capitalists[9] for all the economic failure.

If you are unwilling to accept the reality of the situation, you need to do a great deal of introspection. These are peoples' lives we're talking about, and no one should have to go through what socialists have put Venezuela through, ever again!

Listen to an actual Venezuelan tell you about his own struggles under socialism. This is happening, this is real, and it is the fault of socialists, because without them and their irrational bias against market activity and profit-seeking, the economy would not be circling the drain right now:

A Venezuelan chimes in, describes their reality under socialism, and puts an ignorant Reddit socialist in their place[10]

Socialists will never get anywhere unless they start accepting the deficiencies in their theories and integrating actual experience into what works and what doesn't when it comes to implementing socialism. NEVER EVER try to implement top down socialism by taking over a government again, it does not work, it cannot work.

I have far more respect for those of you who say that you will wait for capitalism to automate everything and then socialism will naturally result. I still think you're wrong, but at least that's plausible. Top down socialism is not plausible and has resulted in humanitarian crisis literally everywhere in the world that it has been tried.

Stop fucking up countries and destroying peoples' lives.