So you want to be a Jeffrey Epstein

published Jul 09, 2019, last modified Jul 11, 2019

A practical guide to Epstein's malevolence... with a series of interesting implications.

So you want to be a Jeffrey Epstein

Sourced from this tweetstorm.  See how many famous names you can recognize in the leaked Epstein blackmail book.

So, apologies in advance, but I want to do a quick little THREAD to explain my theory of what the Epstein story really is. I promise this isn't some crazy Pizzagate conspiracy about space lizards, just a neat little explanation that IMO perfectly fits the known facts:

Let's take as our starting points two givens.

(A.) You are a committed, unrepentant pedophile ()
(B.) Because of your old job in private banking (), you are very connected to lots of very, very wealthy people ()

We'll also assume a goal:
(Z.) You want to become very rich

The obvious route is, well, obvious: you could just be a pimp, offering underage prostitute services to very rich people. This has two problems: you're very disposable (see: DC madam), and it's also not super lucrative. You can't charge millions of dollars up front.