So atheists are supposed to prove Gods don't exist?

published Jun 06, 2007, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Who needs to prove whether Gods exist or don't? Believers or atheists?

Time and time again, this question surfaces. Two or more guys start discussing God (or Allah, or whatever). Of course, the atheist in the group states: there is no God. And the religious types jump at him: prove it!.

It is at that precise instant when common sense seems to whiz out of believers' heads.

To you, believers: guys, we cannot prove God doesn't exist. It's completely impossible. Why? Because you (or we, or anyone) cannot prove the nonexistence of something, no matter how hard we try.

We cannot prove God doesn't exist, in the same way we cannot prove purple bananas or Santa Claus don't exist. And, for what it's worth, if you want to be so stupid as to believe in Santa, or fairies, or purple bananas, or masturbation causing hair growth on your hand, then go ahead -- we don't mind. We don't even mind if you believe in Santa really really hard and beg him for Christmas presents every night. It's fine by us.

See, we atheists don't give a fuck what you believe in. You can shove your beliefs up your favorite places, for all we care. We know you're buying into a facile and mind-drugging crock of shit, full of lies. So we know we're getting the better part of the deal. Thanks for that. In return, we're continually working to offer you solid, credible, provable and scientific explanations for those things you still think are the work of magic. You can thank us later.

Now... this considered alone does not automatically mean that believers must prove that God (or a purple banana, for the purposes of this example) exists. So far, no one has to prove anything to anyone.

The problems is that believers:

  1. continually try to convince us that their beloved purple banana exists; even worse,
  2. have the audacity to claim that all of humanity needs to do as the banana says; and
  3. continually claim the most absurd and far-fetched things.

Even worse: we, along with society, are coerced into eating that crock of shit, being passed off as fact. These lies are used to rule our lives by law or by force -- when those lies are used to mess with us. Choices and behaviors are forced upon us constantly. And we care about that, very deeply and very dearly.

Under those terms, believers damn better offer indestructible evidence proving that said purple banana exists. So, by their own acts, the burden of proof is on them.