RevvedUp 1.3.2 has been released

published Feb 08, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Yay! This theme is now firmly in the tuning phase. A few bugs in styles have been corrected. Keep reading to find out about the changes in this version.


  • Improved print media styles
  • Banners do not get printed now
  • Fixed comment page validation errors and organized the code a bit
  • Comment form does not get printed now
  • Improved footer organization
  • Changed stylesheet inclusion to LINK REL, to let users select the stylesheet via the browser menu
  • Improved display of Creative Commons licensing information
  • Tweaked utility styles so that block quotes under class inset get their top/bottom margins displayed coherently with the rest of the block quotes
  • Tweaked block quotes and preformatted paragraphs so that first/last children elements do not add their margins up on their containers
  • The title bar now shows "Search results" when on a search results page.
  • Provide hyperlinks everywhere the blog name is shown
  • Corrected invalid CSS in JavaScript library
  • Removed integration of Useronline. Useronline users should get the new Rudd-O's Wordspew, which integrates its functionality.
  • Made registration tile conditional to the "Users can register" administrative option
  • Made sidebar more semantic. Now, the sidebar is an HTML list instead of a table with cells. It maintains the look, but users viewing the page without stylesheets will get a better experience.
  • The top logo image had its borders fixed to look more bold.

You can download the latest version at its usual location.