Religious bigotry: my God has a longer penis than yours

published Jan 11, 2007, last modified Jun 26, 2013

trippin has a lot to say about the Koran lately:

Some people think Koran < Bible. And trippin's an example of them.

In trippin's post, she says (and I quote):

Seems that Rep Elect Ellison will be using a Koran to be sworn in with! [...] What is the problem? I may draw huge fire for this, but I feel that my country was made and given grace by My God, none other. And to use anything but a bible in the ceremony as we are now is changing the historic background of our country. And , seems to me that our freedoms and laws that the Muslim seems to want to take away from me, are the very same that are allowing this travesty to occur!

Honestly, I never thought this could cross the mind of a person. Well, here's what I'd ask her:

Religion's a bitch, then you die

For starters, let me state the following, just so you know I'm not biased against any religion: I don't believe in God, Allah or the FSM.

OK, you read the disclaimer. Time to fly.

Which Book is "holier"... or, does it even matter?

Don't you think Ellison has as much right to place his hand on a Koran as you do on a Bible? Don't you think it's his call, not yours? Who's to say historic precedent can't be changed? Why would he have to swear on something he doesn't have faith in?

Fact is, Christians like you continually think they're morally superior, more deserving, and entitled to more rights, than Muslims or atheists. You continually frame "non-Christians" as the source of all evil. It enrages me -- all they do is "see the speck of dust in the other's eye" while conveniently ignoring the shaft on theirs.

Some trick questions, for good measure

Let me pose a few questions to you:

  1. who ever said Christians' God is "The One"?
  2. Why is Your God necessarily superior to Their God? Is it "less evil"? Does it have a "longer penis"? Is it "whiter"?
  3. Did he wave a magical wand and wish the U.S. into appearance? It certainly seems you're implying that, when you say I feel that my country was made and given grace by My God, none other.

The fact that Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers, owned a Koran, should make you rethink your religious biases.

Are Muslims really robbing you of your freedom?

No, the Muslims aren't taking your freedoms away.

Wake up and smell the blood. It's your own politicians, capitalizing on your worst fears (dare I say fear of discomfort?).

Instead of whining "mommy, the devil made us do it, let's pray", why don't you fix your damn head? Then you can start fixing your community.