Quote heard somewhere... can't recall where

published Sep 08, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013

I find the continuing attacks on smokers and smoking a prefect microcosm of just about everything wrong with the United States:

  • People unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions or decisions
  • Demands that stupidity be profitable
  • Insistence that life be risk free
  • People who willingly take a well known risk, then demand compensation if they get hurt
  • The deep dishonesty of spewing junk science to support an agenda
  • The eagerness of the government and charity organizations to create that junk science
  • The scientific illiteracy of the masses, which makes it easy for them to accept junk science
  • The endless greed of the US government
  • The endless greed of many US citizens
  • The unfathomable greed of lawyers
  • The incessant yammering of the sanctimonious nannies, who insist that they know what's best for everyone else

The worst of the bunch are the nannies. Their self-esteem depends on looking down on others and meddling in their lives. In the past such people resorted to racism and homophobia. Now that such attitudes are socially unacceptable they have chosen smokers (among others) to hate. I'll make no attempt to hide my contempt for them.