Permission to travel

published Feb 02, 2016

$110 just so you can leave. That's ten to two hours of work for normal folks. A stern reminder of how you're not "free to leave".

Permission to travel

Original source.  This text has some changes.

Long before “Government” created imaginary and arbitrary geographic boundaries called borders, Man traversed real and definite geographic boundaries: rivers, mountains, forests, etc. Man freely traveled across the continents of Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. There were no border checkpoints. No passports. No declaring items for customs or filling out government forms.  No taking your shoes off or getting a free balls fondling!  Man moved freely because man was free. Man moved freely because that was his natural right. It was Man’s natural right simply because he existed and was alive.

While planning for an upcoming trip to Europe, I recently discovered my passport expired.  A passport is merely a license --- permission to travel out of or into a government’s imaginary and arbitrary geographic boundaries. I now must pay $110 to the people who do business as "U.S. Government" in order to buy back my natural right to travel --- a right taken from me by those people.  When I book my flight, they will also steal hundreds of dollars from me in the form of "departure fees", "transportation fees", and various other demands.

Can you imagine if people who believe they are "government" had existed, when early Man began migrating across the world, hundreds of thousands of years ago?

Man would never have made it out of Africa.